Channel Islands Surfboards Flexbar Technology

Channel Islands Surfboards Flexbar Technology

FlexBar Technology



This week we had the chance to have a first look at the exciting new technology from Channel Islands, the Flexbar. We see many boards here at Zuma Jays and Channel Islands Al Merricks are always something special, but these are impressively different. In laymen’s terms they are essentially a custom epoxy board made in the USA Channel Island Factory, but they then split the blank and and add a composite foam right throughout the middle of the board. It is then sandwiched back together and glassed using Entropy/Super Sap epoxy resin. Out of all of the epoxy boards we have seen including our own custom versions these look amazing. They feel like a regular custom but they are super strong as well. If you want to know what all this means and does then read the the blurb below for the technical specs. If your still not sure then we will have one or two available to demo. So you can come and try one and make your own mind up.

Channel Islands Flex Bar

Flex, rebound, and resonance all play a role in how your board works. Harnessing and controlling these will take board performance to the next level. Channel Islands designed the 'Flexbar' technology to optimizes the energy and spring derived from both longitudinal and torsional tail flex in your surfboard by refining and focusing these forces under the back foot. Utilizing a combination of alternating foam densities and fibreglass through the entire board, 'Flexbar' finally allows the surfer to feel and use the energy in your board through manoeuvres. All surfboards will eventually lose their “pop” and begin to feel dead, 'Flexbar' maintains the optimum flex pattern through the life of your board.

Another major component of 'Flexbar' technology is the composite sandwich foam running from the centre to the apex of the rail. This acts as the main base for the Flexbar and allows the board to flex without losing any of the board’s overall longitude and torsional strength. This also lowers the vibration (resonance), which is often identified by some as a negative in EPS cores; the result is a smoother feeling ride in all conditions, but while retaining the added buoyancy of EPS.

By using state of the art manufacturing processes combined with the best available epoxy resins and EPS foam cores, we have found that the durability of the each board built with Flexbar technology has been greater than a PU/PE using the same glass

glChannel Islands Flex Bar Shaped in The USA

The team at Channel Islands are so stoked on the durability on there patented Flex-bar technology, they're offering a 1 year warranty against breakage. For this Please keep your proof of purchase, and at any time should your 'Flexbar' snap or even buckle, they will replace it. They hand build these boards from the inside out under strict tolerances at there factory in Santa Barbara. For more information:

Another great thing about these boards is because they are an EPS foam and Entropy/Super Sap epoxy resin, all Flexbar surfboards are Ecoboard Project Verified by Sustainable Surf. We here at Zuma Jay always strive in anyway to be more Eco friendly and responsible, so the fact that these boards are made from better materials and should last a lot longer then that is a real added bonus.

Channel Islands are using the Flexbar Technology in there Black and White, Sampler and Mod Pod models.

Channel Islands Sampler SurfboardChannel Islands Black and White SurfboardChannel Islands Mod Pod Surfboard

After taking the first look at these board here at Zuma Jay we cant wait to get our hands on them and give them a go, They will be arriving early Spring.

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