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The Herman | Zuma Jay Surf Shop

At Zuma Jay, being a custom board manufacturer gives us the ability to design boards that people really need.

The Herman is one of the largest surfboards we make. Named after Herman Munster, this board is designed to allow anybody of any size to catch waves. Built using a sealed core EPS foam blank and an entropy bio-sap epoxy resin, this board is very strong and lightweight for it's size. Our Herman takes influence from boards like the Walden Mega Magic but with even more volume. Being a custom board it allows us to make any size and specification we like.

The Herman is a super wide and super thick board but features a carry handle to make it easy to transport. It's suped up longboard template means not only does it catch waves effortlessly, but it is still manouverable and progressive.

Please contact us the shop any time to discuss custom options.

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