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The Trim

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The Trim

Introducing The Zuma Jay Trim, a beautifully shaped performance mid length. This is a shop favourite and highly favoured amoungst a wide veriety of surfers. The Trim is neither a longboard or a shortboard, yet works in anything from large powerful surf to smaller conditions.

The Trim paddles into waves nice and easy, and allows you to get on it early. When on the wave it handles hard bottom turns and cut backs with ease. The outline of the Trim is relatively parallel, with gentle curves towards a pulled in nose and thumb squash tail. The rocker is a graceful and continuous curve. The bottom shape features flat 'V' in the tail to rolled 'V' and finally a moderate hull shaped nose. The rails are thin and boxy in the tail to eggy at the midpoint to high in the nose.

This board is a 4+1 for maximum versitility. In the longer models we reccomend using it as a single fin as this is where the board comes alive. Can be ridden as a quad as well if desired.

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