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Surf Report - Saturday 16th November 2019 @ 09:00

Bude Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Cafe

Morning Tide Times

High Tide (am) 07:26 (7.4m)
Low Tide (am) 01:28

Evening Tide Times

High Tide (pm) 19:49 (7.2m)
Low Tide (pm) 13:48

Today's Weather

sunny_intervals 10°C


Slightly more mellow than yesterday with some 3ft waves down there this morning! The winds are offshore but the northerly swell direction is making it do some funky things.

NNW swell direction at 7s today!

Looking like we could have some sunny spells today with highs of 10'C.

There will be some peaky waves knocking around but if you don't score today then don't worry because tomorrow should be PUMPING!


7 Day Forecast

Sunday 17th November

It's gone offshore and we're back to a normal westerly wave direction, 2-3ft and clean!! Pumping

5 Shaka's

Monday 18th November

Very light winds but unpredictable direction. Swell is still looking low with another northerly wave direction. Clean still but with even smaller sets

4 Shaka's

Tuesday 19th November

Gusty southerly/offshore winds, 3-4ft waves picking up through the day, but should be cleanest in the morning

5 Shaka's

Wednesday 20th November

Moderate offshore winds , huge wave period, and 8ft clean swell. Only head out if you're experienced!! Careful out there

4 Shaka's

Thursday 21st November

Slightly more manageable at 6ft and clean all morning, still a big powerful size though. It'll be pumping!

5 Shaka's

Friday 22nd November

Note quite offshore today but light southerlies and a really good 3ft! Jump in!!

5 Shaka's

Saturday 23rd November

That swell direction is a bit jumbled again but real light winds so hopefully a clean 2ft!

5 Shaka's