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Surf Report - Tuesday 11th August 2020 @ 09:00

Bude Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Cafe

Morning Tide Times

High Tide (am) 11:00 (6.1m)
Low Tide (am)

Evening Tide Times

High Tide (pm) 23:26 (6.1m)
Low Tide (pm) 17:08

Today's Weather

rain 19°C


A LOT of sea mist this morning, there is still a small 1-2ft wave behind it with almost no wind

Kinked westerly wave direction with a 9 sec wave period

Hopefully the mist should clear a bit this morning, 19'C and 17.5'C sea temp

Be careful out there is the visibility is still poor later, small surf will be revealed at low again

7 Day Forecast

Wednesday 12th August

Could be another foggy day, still 1-2ft will very low onshore winds

2 Shaka's

Thursday 13th August

Weather is looking awful with thunderstorms all day... but the surf is 1-2ft and clean!

4 Shaka's

Friday 14th August

Light southerly winds should bring us a cleanish 2ft. Get in early for offshore

4 Shaka's

Saturday 15th August

Very small 1ft wave but could also be flat is wave period doesn't improve

1 Shaka's

Sunday 16th August

Today is flat by the looks of the swell and wave direction

1 Shaka's

Monday 17th August

Flat again today

1 Shaka's

Tuesday 18th August

Still a low wave period but swell is on the rise, it could be 1-2ft with light SW winds

2 Shaka's