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Surf Report - Monday 23rd September 2019 @ 09:00

Bude Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Cafe

Morning Tide Times

High Tide (am)
Low Tide (am) 06:13

Evening Tide Times

High Tide (pm) 12:36 (5.9m)
Low Tide (pm) 19:11

Today's Weather

rain 17°C


A decent looking day with favourable southerly/offshore winds! A solid 4/5ft with good power behind it and cleaner sets every so often

Kinked westerly wave direction with a huge 16-18 sec wave period up until mid afternoon

The bad rainy weather is incoming by midday so umbrellas at the ready! 17'C possible thundery showers. 16.5'C sea temp

We have a great few hours this morning to look forward to in the incoming tide, winds will pick up and turn more SW and the surf could come more inconsistent but head on in while it's surfable!

7 Day Forecast

Tuesday 24th September

Swell size is still growing possibly up to 8ft with winds still SW. High tide again!

3 Shaka's

Wednesday 25th September

It's gone massive today over 3 meters with gusting onshore winds. Could be a big mess unfortunately

2 Shaka's

Thursday 26th September

Could be just about SW again with a consistent 6-8ft. Avoid low tide and you'll be good for some clean surf in summerleaze

3 Shaka's

Friday 27th September

Same as yesterday, SW winds with another size increase around 10ft. Watch yourself out there and time it right!

3 Shaka's

Saturday 28th September

Still looking monstrous out there. Thank goodness for the bay aye?

3 Shaka's

Sunday 29th September

Winds will be band NW onshore today and with that huge swell it's not looking too safe

1 Shaka's

Monday 30th September

It should finally start to calm down today, winds are lighter but they're unpredictable on where they're gonna point, fingers crossed for an offshore morning with 3ft!

3 Shaka's