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Surf Report - Thursday 23rd May 2019 @ 09:00

Bude Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Cafe

Morning Tide Times

High Tide (am) 09:12 (6.7m)
Low Tide (am)

Evening Tide Times

High Tide (pm) 21:31 (6.8m)
Low Tide (pm) 15:25

Today's Weather

sunny_intervals 14°C


It's another calm morning but we do have some 1/2ft waves coming through, should really crank up later!
10 sec wave period at the moment but it's on the rise and will jump to 15 by midday! Kinked westerly wave direction
More cloud around today but still a warm 14'C. 12.3'C sea temp
Winds are onshore but it's super light, later this evening will be well worth getting in!!

7 Day Forecast

Friday 24th May

The swell really comes in today with a solid 3ft, winds will be light onshore, still well worth getting in!

4 Shaka's

Saturday 25th May

Same as yesterday, lighter winds in the morning so get in early for less mess! Wave period does die down a little

3 Shaka's

Sunday 26th May

Winds have swung south westerly with a chunky 4/5ft swell! Check out the bay in the morning. Winds will come onshore after 12pm

3 Shaka's

Monday 27th May

Still 5ft but back onshore winds unfortunately, moderate too so it's looking messy

1 Shaka's

Tuesday 28th May

We could have an offshore spell before 10am on the push! keep your eyes on this, winds will turn back onshore and messy after this

3 Shaka's

Wednesday 29th May

Onshore all day, with a quickly changing wave direction and low wave period. Looking like their won't be much on unfortunately

1 Shaka's

Thursday 30th May

Offshore again before 10am! Hopefully with a pumping 4ft. Could change!

4 Shaka's