Surf Report - Saturday 19th January 2019 @ 09:30

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Morning Tide Times

High Tide (am) 03.38 (7.0m)
Low Tide (am) 10.06

Evening Tide Times

High Tide (am) 16.07 (7.3m)
Low Tide (am) 22.31

Today's Weather

sunny_intervals 10°C


Yeah Buddy! We have a pumping 6ft with bigger sets keeping us on our toes!
Make sure to surf today! 
Wind comes around late afternoon so could mess it up a little. 
The size will not decrease that much throughout the day with a healthy wave period all day. 

7 Day Forecast

Saturday 19th January

A good healthy 6ft with very light SW winds all morning, turning onshore but still looking great!

4 Shaka's

Sunday 20th January

It's changed back to offshore all morning! 4ft and clean, make sure to get in early to get good tides

5 Shaka's

Monday 21st January

Light onshore winds but still a healthy 3/4ft. It's only working for a few hours in the middle of the day so far so it could be too low, but we'll stay updated

3 Shaka's

Tuesday 22nd January

Very strong onshore wind with low pressure and high swell. Over 10ft of mess

1 Shaka's

Wednesday 23rd January

Same again unfortunately, identical to yesterday

1 Shaka's

Thursday 24th January

it's offshore but with a NW wave direction. Thankfully there's still lots of swell so there should be some clean head high sets. Hopefully the wind isn't too strong.

3 Shaka's

Friday 25th January

Same again but with a properly northerly swell direction, which means it could be very inconsistent. It's changing every day though!

2 Shaka's
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