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Surf Report - Friday 19th July 2019 @ 09:00

Bude Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Live Surf Camera

Widemouth Bay Cafe

Morning Tide Times

High Tide (am) 07:58 (7.1m)
Low Tide (am) 14:12

Evening Tide Times

High Tide (pm) 20:15 (7.3m)
Low Tide (pm)

Today's Weather

overcast 19°C


There is a boost in swell but with this slightly low pressure our wave period has dropped with it, chunky 3-4ft and moderate SW winds
SW wave direction and 6 second wave period this morning, rising up to 7 through the day
A very drizzly day but still a warm one, 19'C and 17'C sea temp
Good chance to get into some sheltered spots thanks to that wind direction, stick to high tides and there will be some clean little waves

7 Day Forecast

Saturday 20th July

Winds are getting much lighter and the sun is getting brighter again, getting more onshore as the day goes on so jump in early! Up to 5ft

3 Shaka's

Sunday 21st July

Wave direction does begin to straighten up, and winds return to super light SW! Should be some much cleaner 3ft sets

4 Shaka's

Monday 22nd July

Light and southerly once again, could be a tad bigger to 3-4ft. So far staying consistent through the day

4 Shaka's

Tuesday 23rd July

Offshore before 1pm, 4ft and pumping!! Southerly but still super light after, should be a great day for surf!

5 Shaka's

Wednesday 24th July

Back to southerly all day and light, 4ft and clean though!

4 Shaka's

Thursday 25th July

More powerful wind has come into play, we could have 30mph southerly gusts today with swell rapidly increasing up to 6-8ft by the evening. Still surf in sheltered spots in the morning

3 Shaka's

Friday 26th July

It's cooled off a bit but with leftover swell still hanging in, could be looking at a solid 6ft with SW winds!

4 Shaka's