Lib-Tech Surfboards launch the latest model and its a gooden! The Nude Bowl!

Lib-Tech Surfboards launch the latest model and its a gooden! The Nude Bowl!


Lib-Tech Surfboards launch the latest model and its a gooden! The Nude Bowl!



Having taken the surfboard world by storm with their unique construction and Lost Surfboards collaborations, Lib-Tech Surfboards have added to their ever growing board portfolio with the Nude Bowl. Named after the legendary skate pool in Desert Springs, the Lib-Tech Nude Bowl model is aiming to be their all round / do everything board.









The Nude Bowl has been designed by Lib-Tech's in house shaper Jeff “Hendo” Henderson. Taking their version of the original speedy Bowl Series, they have added a load more volume in all the right places. The fuller shape and volume makes this an excellent board for easy wave catching in all sizes - however it still injects high performance into average surf and excels in medium sized quality surf. As with all the Lib-Tech and Lost boards, the Nude Bowl is now FCS II compatible! And has all the features we have come to expect from these guys.





The latest Lib-Tech MBC construction blends the best of using epoxy, the durability and liveliness with the best of polyester, the flex and dampness. Lib-Tech have also added magnesium fibre which improves impact resistance on the whole board, and the carbon composite stringer matches the flex of a high performance polyester but the big difference being it keeps that feeling for the life of the board. The world’s best surfboard construction just got even better!





“The Nude Bowl rips everything. You can’t always bring a bunch of boards with you. If I have to limit my quiver down to one board, I can count on Lib construction not to break and the Nude Bowl to get it done in anything from slop to double over head and barrelling.” - Ryan Carlson.

We can't wait to get our hands on this board and the first models arrive in August 2017. Available in 5'5”, 5'7”, 5'9” and 5'11” they are going to be a must have board for this Summer going into the Autumn. As always with Lib-Tech and their Lost surfboards, stock is limited and doesn't hang around so get in contact with us here at the shop if you would like more information and to put your name on one.

Check them out here!


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