Surftech Bear and Takayama Surfboards 2016 New Models

Surftech Bear and Takayama Surfboards 2016 New Models

Its been an exciting few weeks for Surftech, with the announcement of new models from Bear Surfboards and Takayama Surfboards being added to the line up of already popular TL Pro Carbon boards.


Before taking a look into the models lets take a closer look at the construction of TL Pro Carbon. Made from a Carbon composite construction combined with Surftech Fused-Cell EPS core.


TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilizes a proprietary stringer system that is custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement is laminated over a layer of high-desity foam strengthening the board while creating the lively flex pattern that can only be found in Surftech's TLPC technology.


For more information about what other boards are available in TL Pro Carbon check out our previous blog post here.



Surftech and Bear Surfboards

Firstly lets take a look into which Bear Surfboards have been added to the line up








Bear Performance TLPC 9'0"

The Bear Performance has a flatter rocker so this board goes really well in anything but it will really start to shine in long, peeling waves. The shape really works well for pointbreaks and grinding beachbreaks. Its lightweight construction allows the board to be super manoeuvrable also.





Bear All Around Smooth Operator TLPC 9'6"

As the name suggests this is a real all-rounder. Still long enough to get on the nose but with concaves and a chine rail design, it will surprise you with it's speed and agility.









    Bear Waikiki Special TLPC 10'0"

This board again has a flatter rocker, and will ride well in anything, but it really goes well in long, peeling waves. It is lightweight due to its Tuflite Pro Carbon construction and is a great board for pointbreaks and fun peeling waves. It comes as a traditional single fin with a 10'' centre box, has a rounded squash tail for increased hold when noseriding, and a rolled bottom for smooth rail-to-rail transitions.





Surftech and Takayama Surfboards

After receiving the news at the end of last year that Surftech and Takayama surfboards have re-established there relationship we have been waiting to see which designs they will be realising. We have just had the announcement from the 2016 Surf Expo that they will be doing the super popular In The Pink, The Egg and DT2. The Scorpion will also be available later in the year and we cant wait to see it.


We are all looking forward to the arrival of these boards into the shop and we will have demo boards to try out. We will keep you posted once they are here.

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