Struggling to find gift ideas for surfers in your life? Check out our favourite suggestions that will be a guaranteed success! From handy surfboard tools to surf inspired home decoration. We at Zuma Jay can help you get the perfect gift!

Channel Islands Snuggie Board Sock

The Channel Islands Snuggie packs better features than a traditional board sock. For starters, it has a corrosive resistant 1/4 zip that makes inserting and taking out the board so much easier than squeezing and pulling (which can result in scratching/damaging your board!). The Snuggie also features 4mm padded rails and thick polar fleece. The best thing is that is hardly costs any more than a normal board sock! Available for hybrid boards and performance shapes.
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FINJAK Tool-Free Fin Adjustment

gift ideas for surfers finjak
Insert and adjust fins with ease

The FINJAK tool is an awesome little idea that allows you to install longboard fins without any screws, plates or screwdrivers. So that means less time fiddling around aligning the plates. This is great for any surfer that swaps out their centre fins a lot, or switches them between different board types. Having a Finjak also allows the user to adjust the position of the fin while in the water so that it surfs either with more pivot or longer, drawn out turns.
(Be aware, this tool is only compatible with longboard fins, not normal FCS, FCS II or Futures standard boxes!)
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Wax Fresh Wax Remover

Wax Fresh is a very simple yet revolutionary design. Works the same as a traditional flat comb except it’s a lot more ergonomic and is much thicker, so you can push much harder and get the wax off way quicker and with much less effort. Once you try one of these, you’ll never go back to a comb!
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Dr Falcones DING ZAP

Easy to use emergency repair

Ding Zap is an emergency repair kit for quick, easy and on-the-go surfboard repairs. It works like normal ding tape but seals it much better, and anyone can do it thanks to it’s easy to follow steps. If you get a ding but need to get back in the water, Ding Zap will offer a quick solution to prevent any further water damage, allowing you more time in the water before getting your board professionally repaired. An essential bit of kit for any surfer!
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FCS Keylock Key Safe

FCS Keylock Keysafe
Keep your keys safe while in the water

The FCS Keylock Safe is something that you don’t realise you need until you’re in the situation. You park up to go for a surf, get changed into your wetsuit, grab your board, lock the car… now where do you put the keys? The Key Safe attaches to your car (handle, tow bar, alloy), you set a 4 digit code and safely keep your car keys inside until you return! Comes with a proximity key blocker which is a pouch you can put your keys in to block out any signals that automatically unlock the car when the keys are nearby it (a feature of some more modern cars!). Not just for water-goers either, keep it for when you don’t want to carry your keys around with you all day, just lock them to the car instead!
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Kanu Lock Steel Tiedown Straps

Kanulock Tie Down Straps
Secure your boards to your roof without worry

Kanu Locks are lockable tie down straps that contain reinforced stainless steel cables, which means they can’t be cut! When in a car park, anyone can walk up to a car with normal tie downs and pretend it’s their car and remove the boards without attracting attention. Kanu Locks can’t be undone without a key, and the boards can’t slide out. With these straps you can leave your car with the boards on top unattended without any fear of them being gone when you return.
Kanu Locks come in four sizes; 8ft, 11ft, 13ft and 18ft. The biggest size can secure kayaks and several boards on one roof with ease.
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Bulldog Tide Clock

Aesthetically pleasing and a great tool for home

Tide clocks are not only great for checking tide movements at a glance, they also make aesthetically pleasing home décor! The Bulldog Tide Clocks feature different designs with either tide, moon and tide and or the latter with time depending on preference, and are made from natural bamboo and stainless steel hands. Great home accessories for planning a surf, beach walk or any other coastal activity.
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C-MONSTA Wetsuit Hanger

C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger
Keep your wetsuit in optimal condition

Made in Scotland by small indie company, the C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger is a great bit of kit and a perfect gift for any wetsuit user! Hang your wetsuit through the centre which stops any stretching over time, and accessories can be placed on top to drain, with a drip edge which releases excess water quickly. The hanger is made from very strong recycled plastic and can hold heavy, wet surf gear anywhere with ease, even on the go. This hanger is an investment to keep surf gear fresher for longer, due to salt water being corrosive if it says on the suit for too long.
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Surfers 3.0 Surf Ear Plugs

Keep water out, let sound in

Surfers Ear is a serious ear condition that creeps up on anyone that goes in the water regularly, and is usually diagnosed after it’s done irreversible damage. Ear plugs are especially important for younger surfers as it’s important to prevent any damage before it’s too late. SurfEars are a great option for ear plugs as they come in three different sizes depending on your ear canal, and are made from comfortable yet high quality silicone which protects against cold water damage, cold air, bacteria and dirt from entering. The unique feature with SurfEars is that they also let sound in!
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Indo Board Balance Trainer

Indo Board Balance Board
Train your surfing fitness from the comfort of your home

There are a lot of balance boards on the market but nobody has come close to Indo Board. They are the original company that put it on the market, and the quality is as high as their reputation precedes. With several unique designs to choose from, Indo offers an unparalleled product in terms of finish and longevity!
Indo Boards are great at training your surf balance and core muscle groups which help to progress stability when surfing. A useful and entertaining way to work out from home!
For beginners, there is also the option to purchase the training pack which includes the Indo Flo Cushion; the cushion is much easier than the roller as it spreads the weight out evenly to be much more forgiving when balancing.
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