With winter swells well and truly here and the sea at its coldest, having the right boots, gloves and surf hoods can make all the difference to your surfing. With so many different styles of surf accessory to choose from, picking the right one can be tough if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We have an easy guide to make sure you pick the right surf accessories for your needs and budget!

The Legend Range (C-Skins)

The Legend series of accessories from C-Skins is their entry level range. Designed for getting in the water on a budget, but without sacrificing warmth. All C-Skins accessories are made from premium materials and the Legend is no exception.

C-Skins Legend Boot

The C-Skins Legend Boot is our most popular surf boot throughout the year. The adult Legend boot is a solid 5mm thick and if you’re on a budget but still looking for a boot to keep you warm in winter, or wanting added protection through summer, then this is the boot for you. It’s a basic fit and the round toe style makes it an easy boot to slip on whilst still being comfortable.

We recommend for adults to go down one size to get it tight. In the water and over time the supple nature of this boot will give a little, so it is best to get a snug fit when buying new. It comes in a great size range from UK size 4 to UK size 12 so something to fit everyone. The Legend boot is also available in a junior model and comes in different thicknesses, from a 3.5mm thick version, a 3.5mm zipped version and a 5mm zipped version. For us, the Legend junior 5mm zipped boot is our recommended boot for winter as it has all the warmth and are a bit easier to get on the kids.

Surf Accessories
The C-Skins Legend 5mm Round Toe Boot
C-Skins Legend Glove

The C-Skins Legend Gloves are a super supple 3mm thick glove, which keeps you warm while maintaining a good amount of dexterity in your fingers. The Legend glove has fully glued and blind stitched seams even at this entry level.  It also features a rubberised palm print to help with gripping your board. With a great size range in the adults from 3XS to XL these gloves fit everyone. This glove is also available in kids sizes from XS to 2XL. Not sure on what glove size you need? Look on our product pages at the size information guide, or just call or message us anytime and we can help out.

The C-Skins Legend 3mm Glove
C-Skins Legend Hood

The Legend 2mm thick Hood completes the range for the Legend Series, it’s a warm hood and essential if you are going to brave the winter swells. This hood is fully glued and blindstiched and is covered in a rubberized single neoprene outer to prevent wind chill.

With a great size range from XS to XL the Legend hood is a soft and comfortable fit. It’s peak helps drain water away from the face whilst offering glare protection from the low winter sun. A sinch pullcord around the face allows the hood tightness to be adjusted, preventing flushing. Meanwhile, the hood’s double neck also helps prevent flushing by tucking the inner part of the hood into the suit, while the outer skirt fits over the neck. Available in sizes XS to XL – overall a great all round surf hood.

The C-Skins Legend 2mm Hood

The Session Range (C-Skins)

The C-Skins Session boots are more surf focused boot. Featuring an ankle strap and contoured design for all round foot support. Also comes with a reinforced sole and a heal pull tab for easier slip on. The Session boot come in the choice of either round toe or hidden split toe. The hidden split is 5mm thick, and the big toe is separated and more flexible to help prevent the boot rolling around under the foot. This gives you more control and balance on the board. The round toe version is available in two thicknesses, 5mm and 7mm.

It is also a solid fitting boot due to its contoured design and is technically a warmer boot because of the round to style. Available in sizes UK 4 to UK 12, the Session boot is an excellent mid-range boot for the serious surfer who doesn’t need to stretch to the top end. These boots are excellent when paired with gloves and hoods from either the Wired or Legend ranges.

The C-Skins Session 5mm Round Toe Boot

The Wired Range (C-Skins)

The Wired range is the top offering from C-Skins. Featuring lots of extras that enhance warmth and flexibility.

C-Skins Wired Boots

The Wired Boots come in a 5mm thick split toe version and a 7mm thick round toe. Both styles feature C-Skins top end flexibility and light weight Xtend stretch neoprene. They both feature quick dry thermal lining, combined with a contoured cuff opening for maximum warmth. Reinforced taping adds strength to the seams whilst the foot arch strap and laser cut soles maximises the fit and flexibility. They also have the heel pull tab for easier slip-on use. Available in Sizes UK 5 to UK 12, the Wired boots are what we have come to expect from C-Skins top end boot. Combining maximum warmth with ultimate fit and performance, you will notice the difference!

The C-Skins Wired 5mm Hidden Split Toe Boot
C-Skins Wired Glove

The Wired glove comes in a range of models. 7mm thick mitts, 5mm three finger lobster gloves, 3mm five finger gloves and 5mm five finger gloves. All feature thermal lining and liquid taped seams for reinforcement and flexibility. All models are available in sizes 3XS to XL with the most popular glove in the Wired range being the classic 3mm thick five finger glove. It is more than enough to take on any UK winter and still comfortable to wear. If you don’t want to get cold hands ever then opt for the 5mm three finger lobster or 5mm five finger versions. These will see you through the coldest of surfs!

The C-Skins Wired 3mm 5-Finger Glove
C-Skins Wired Hood

The Wired hood is a light weight 2mm hood that scraps the extended neck and single lined neoprene and opts for a much more flexible thermal lined comfort fit. The Wired hood is the most flexible and comfortable hood that we offer and is a no (freeze) brainer. Because of its lightweight style it also comes in at a competitive price to suit all. Available in sizes from XS to XL it fits everyone. It is also available as a junior model in bright fluro colours so kids can stay warm and be easily seen.

The C-Skins Wired 2mm Hood

The Xcel Range

Xcel have always been at the forefront of wetsuit design and their Infinti range of accessories is no exception.

Xcel Infiniti Boot

The Infiniti boot is Xcel’s number one selling boot. Featuring the latest honeycomb stretch neoprene combined with Thermo Lite Infrared lining throughout. With an arch support strap, the Infiniti boot offers super comfort, flexibility and warmth. The Split Toe options come in 3mm or 5mm, and they also have a Round Toe version in 7mm if you want the maximum warmth!

The Xcel Infiniti 5mm Split Toe Boot
Xcel Infiniti Glove

With its engineered fit, the Xcel Infiniti gloves are one of the comfiest gloves around. Featuring honeycomb stretch neoprene and full thermal lining, also are available in a variety of thicknesses.  3mm are the go-to thickness for the UK, or if you want to guarantee warmth go for the 5mm. The also come in a beautifully thin 1.5mm version for those winter shoulder month surfs.

The Xcel Infiniti 1.5mm 5-Finger Gloves
Xcel Comp X Glove

If lightweight and thin is what you are looking for, one of the most technical gloves from Xcel is their Comp X 2mm. Completely different from anything else, it features a thin lightweight Celliant thermal lining with heat taped seams for durability. Also with Channel flex neoprene for maximum stretch and comfort. The Comp X 2mm glove is available in sizes XS to XL and is so light it feels like you’ve hardly got a glove on. They are perfect for a quick winter surf or the winter shoulder months.

The Xcel Comp X 2mm Glove
Xcel Drylock Hood

The Xcel Drylock 3mm hood fits perfectly into the premium Xcel range. Extremely flexible neoprene with a glideskin outer layer for wind protection and their top-of-the-line Celliant Black Lining interior. For its thickness, this hood is comfortable and warm. Available in sizes XS to XL, also featuring a face cinch to help stop flushing and will protect your head from the cold elements for the longest amount of time.

The Xcel Drylock 3mm Hood

As always, if you have any further questions when it comes to surf gear, we at Zuma Jay are here to help! Just drop us an email or give us a call any time.

All products links at the time of writing are from the 2023 Winter Range, and so subject to the time of reading may be outdated. If so, products are generally updated on our website with renewed links. Check out our website for the updated products if any links are broken.

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