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Date: Monday 15th September

Time: 09.30

Bude This Morning.....


Widemouth Bay This Morning.....

Widemouth Bay




Its pretty flat out there today folks, why not come and try out our range of SUPs and kayaks.

High Tide


Low Tide




Water Temperature

17 degrees


Cloudy with sunny spells.

Best Banks


Date Surf Wave Period Wind Weather Zuma Jay Prediction
Sunday 14th 2FT 10 Seconds 14 mphEast 19 °C looking like there going to be a 2ft wave around
Monday 15th 1-2FT 8 Seconds 9 mphNorth East 19 °C looking like the swell is dropping through out the day worth a morning surf
Tuesday 16th 1FT 13 Seconds 8 mphEast 20 °C looking like a small day but with better wave periods. fingers cross for some swell
Wednesday 17th 2FT 5 Seconds 15 mphEast 19 °C looking like there a slight increase in swell just got to keep an eye out for the wave period
Thursday 18th 1-2FT 9 Seconds 10 mphNorth East 19 °C it looks like another small one possible long board day
Friday 19th 1-2FT 8 Seconds 9 mphEast 20 °C its a long way off but looking like it could be a small one let hope some swell comes through
Saturday 20th 1FT 13 Seconds 10 mphSouth East 19 °C its a long way off but looking like another small one fingers crossed for some swell

After Surf Session


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