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Date: Sunday 20th April

Time: 09.45

Widemouth Live Camera

Bude Live Camera

Bude This Morning.....


Widemouth Bay This Morning.....

Widemouth Bay


Flat today folks


There is possibly going to be a ripple later but not much of a wave

High Tide


Low Tide




Water Temperature

11 degrees


Nice most of the day rain predicted late afternoon

Best Banks

All beaches with a paddle board

Date Surf Wave Period Wind Weather Zuma Jay Prediction
Sunday 20th 1-2FT 5 Seconds 17 mphNorth 11 °C The swells increasing through the day, the winds picked up though with a Moderate Northerly.
Monday 21st 1FT 4 Seconds 16 mphEast 12 °C This small spell is sticking around this bank holiday, the weathers taken a turn so there must be some swell on it's way!
Tuesday 22nd 0-1FT 9 Seconds 13 mphSouth 12 °C Small again with moderate S winds, today should be last of it! Swell is on the horizon...
Wednesday 23rd 3FT 17 Seconds 15 mphSouth 12 °C 3ft the wind will be on it! the swell picks up in the afternoon and the wind dies down so maybe an afternoon session!
Thursday 24th 3-4FT 13 Seconds 8 mphSouth West 12 °C The wind is going be pretty non-existent in the evening, thank god for long days, get in for a wave.
Friday 25th 3FT 11 Seconds 13 mphNorth 11 °C the wind has turned cross shore, still a good 3ft so seek some shelter from the wind for a wave!
Saturday 26th 3FT 9 Seconds 16 mphNorth East 13 °C We may not have sunshine but at least we've got swell, It a long way off, but the wind will be in our favour!

After Surf Session

Rip Curl Bells beach.

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