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Date: Saturday 22nd November

Time: 09:23

Bude This Morning.....


Widemouth Bay This Morning.....

Widemouth Bay


1-2ft Messy


The size has dropped and the wind has swung! A messy 1-2ft, the swell will be picking back up tomorrow. Get down there on a longboard!

High Tide


Low Tide



Light South-Westerly wind.

Water Temperature

13 degrees


Cloudy with the odd sunny spell.

Best Banks

Widemouth Bay

Date Surf Wave Period Wind Weather Zuma Jay Prediction
Sunday 23rd 3FT 13 Seconds 12 mphNorth 10 °C Some solid swell co,ming back in a nice 3ft all day with stead Northerly winds. Won't be immaculate with the wind but there is certainly a wave to be had!
Monday 24th 2-3FT 12 Seconds 9 mphEast 12 °C Light easterly winds making for a nice clean wave today. Perfect for a longboard on the push, getting bigger though..
Tuesday 25th 3-4FT 13 Seconds 8 mphNorth East 11 °C Moderate off shore winds first thing with a nice 3ft wave. the winds are dropping through the day and the swells increasing. It's gonna be good!
Wednesday 26th 3FT 13 Seconds 14 mphNorth West 10 °C Solid swell today but unfortunately the wind going to be on it, find a sheltered spot for choppy wave.
Thursday 27th 3FT 12 Seconds 18 mphSouth 12 °C It will start off allright today, light crosshore winds and a nice 3ft wave, but in the afternoon the wind picks up and the wave period drops making for a messy wave.
Friday 28th 4-5FT 12 Seconds 22 mphSouth East 12 °C Strong South- Easterly wind today and the swells picked up. Could make for some big clean surf. Watch this space!
Saturday 29th 3-4FT 15 Seconds 12 mphNorth West 9 °C The calm after the storm, The winds a bit all over the place but onshore and pretty light and theres still some solid surf coming in. Might be a day for some mushy fun.

After Surf Session

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