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Date: Wednesday 23rd July

Time: 09.00

Bude This Morning.....


Widemouth Bay This Morning.....

Widemouth Bay


2ft Clean now and increasing


Should get a few feet bigger hopefully throughout the day

High Tide


Low Tide



The wind is straight offshore

Water Temperature

18 degrees


SUN SUN SUN all week.

Best Banks

All are firing today

Date Surf Wave Period Wind Weather Zuma Jay Prediction
Monday 21st 1FT 8 Seconds 9 mphNorth West 20 °C Still a small wave with light winds first thing. Getting stronger through the day
Tuesday 22nd 2+FT 10 Seconds 3 mphNorth East 22 °C A cooking day with some cooking small fun 2-3ft surf to boot!
Wednesday 23rd 3FT 11 Seconds 5 mphEast 24 °C It'll be so hot you will want to be in the sea all day so good job the surf looks really good today!
Thursday 24th 2+FT 10 Seconds 6 mphEast 23 °C Still a solid swell period so it should be a small chunky funky wave! Still tropical weather too!
Friday 25th 1FT 9 Seconds 7 mphNorth 22 °C should still be fun waves today albeit small. Hot and humid out there.
Saturday 26th 1FT 8 Seconds 13 mphNorth West 19 °C Overcast today and looks like the swell will finally go off the boil with a stronger onshore
Sunday 27th 0FT 6 Seconds 9 mphNorth West 18 °C Flat today by the looks of it folks!

After Surf Session

Surf more and then BBQ

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