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Date: Sunday 25th January

Time: 10:38

Bude This Morning.....


Widemouth Bay This Morning.....

Widemouth Bay


2-3ft and A bit of wind on it.


There is surf today, South Westerly winds but there are some clean faces to be had!

High Tide

08:58 + 21:20

Low Tide

02.50 + 15:17


South Westerly

Water Temperature

10 degrees


slightly over cast

Best Banks


Date Surf Wave Period Wind Weather Zuma Jay Prediction
Sunday 25th 2-3FT 10 Seconds 18 mphSouth West 9 °C Similar size to yesterday, nice 2-3ft Increasing SW wind making for a choppy one but get in, in the morning for a wave.
Monday 26th 3-4FT 7-12 Seconds 22 mphNorth West 9 °C The wind will be a pretty strong SW in the morning with 2-3ft weak swell, but as the day goes on the swell will be picking up and light winds will then swing Northerly into Tuesday.
Tuesday 27th 3FT 12 Seconds 11 mphNorth West 8 °C its looking like the winds and swell are decreasing from yesterday but its still WNW. so another day for those sheltered spots.
Wednesday 28th 6-9FT 10 Seconds 34 mphNorth West 5 °C Storms a comin! batten down the hatches! Gale force onshore winds all day and massive surf! I'd stay safe and dry today!
Thursday 29th 5-7FT 10 Seconds 30 mphNorth West 6 °C The storms lingering. a very slight decrease in swell and the winds swung more NW bring down the temperature again! looking better into next week!
Friday 30rd 5-7FT 9 Seconds 28 mphNorth West 5 °C Same same, serious wind and serious swell looks like it's passing through the night and we might even get a bit of sunshine, but avoid the surf.
Saturday 31st 4-5FT 8 Seconds 20 mphNorth West 7 °C The storm will be gone by the afternoon with a sudden drop in wind but still being onshore and a weak wave period it will be a sloppy one down there, see what sunday brings!

After Surf Session

Sunday Roast!

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