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Date: Friday 24th October

Time: 09:10

Bude This Morning.....


Widemouth Bay This Morning.....

Widemouth Bay




Its a bit choppy out there today, But still worth a look

High Tide


Low Tide



Heading Westerly

Water Temperature

15 degrees



Best Banks


Date Surf Wave Period Wind Weather Zuma Jay Prediction
Saturday 25th 2-3FT 7 Seconds 16 mphWest 14 °C Higher wave period in the morning, get in earlier for a better wave might be time to wax up the longboard again.
Sunday 26th 2-3FT 7 Seconds 18 mphSouth West 15 °C A nice mellow end to the week, bit of sunshine and a nice small wave.
Monday 27th 4FT 6 Seconds 13 mphSouth West 15 °C still swell hanging around yet again just got to keep an eye out for the wave periods its still a long way off so hopefully the will increase
Tuesday 28th 4FT 8 Seconds 15 mphSouth West 14 °C Still away off but looking like the swell will be decreasing today with the wind change direction through out the day will keep you posted
Wednesday 29th 4-5FT 9 Seconds 12 mphWest 14 °C looking like the swell is dropping through out the day worth a morning surf
Thursday 30th 4-5FT 8 Seconds 18 mphSouth West 16 °C Looking like a its going to be 4-5ft, the wind are still quite strong, so will be a bit on the messy side.
Friday 31st 5FT 9 Seconds 20 mphSouth West 15 °C it looks like there going to be a swell just got to keep an eye out for the wind

After Surf Session

Bar 35

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