Shaper Jon Pyzel wins stab in the Dark contest second year running - this calls for a promo!

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Shaper Jon Pyzel wins stab in the Dark contest second year running - this calls for a PROMO!



For those that are unaware of the Stab in the Dark contest, it's a simple but crucial idea. 12 reputable shapers from around the world are chosen to commission their 'best high-performance surfboard based on a height and weight'. Of course, like any tool, a surfboard is subjective as it depends on many factors. Therefore to keep it fair every year, a different pro is chosen to be the judge. Once the commissions are complete, the pro goes out are tests them out at their chosen beach.









The boards are numbered white blanks with no logos or branding in order to keep it unbias. Last year Dane Reynolds took the contest to South Africa and chose Jon Pyzel as the new reigning champ of the performance board.





Stab in the Dark 2017 from STAB on Vimeo.


This year, Stab in the Dark chose current world number one Jordy Smith to rip into the breaks of the Mentawai Islands on these 12 given boards created by the following shapers:
Matt "Mayhem" Biolos 
Rusty Preisendorfer 

Jason Stevenson
Graham Smith 
Darren Handley 
Lee Stacey 
Jon Pyzel
Hayden Cox 
Christiaan Bradley 
James Cheal  

Johnny Cabianca 
Simon Anderson

... and the victor was (as you may have already guess) Jon Pyzel!! As a celebration of Jon's work are giving away a FREE tailpad and leash when bought with any Pyzel board currently in the store! Here are the four that are on our shelves:


The 5'11 Stubby Bastard:


6'0 + 6'2 JJF Slab 2.0:


6'0 Amp (currently in the sale down to £460!)


Don't forget you can also order a custom designed Pyzel board with us so you can get it shaped down to every tiny detail of your desire. Give us a ring or email for more information!

​01288 354956



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