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New Surftech and Takayama Surfboard for 2017
Surftech and Takayama SurfboardsIt's that time of year again, new stock is arriving daily for the new season and many new boards are on their way to us. We're getting prepared for their arrival, brushing up on the new technology and studying the new shapes. Surftech's new 2017 range certainly has not disappointed. In this post we are going to take a look at the new Takayama surfboards that will be arriving with us at the end of March, We cannot wait to get our hands on them.About Donald TakayamaDonald Takayama's legacy has been cemented since his passing, thanks to the ongoing winning com..
Takayama Surftech 2016 Models
  A couple of months ago we had some very exciting news in the surfboard industry, that Surftech and Takayama Surfboards have teamed up, and will be making some of Donald Takayama's classic models in Surftech's TL Pro Carbon technology.  We could not wait to see what they were going to make. Check out the blog post here for all the information.   It has now been announced that the Takayama In The Pink, DT2 and The Egg will be the first models to get the TL Pro Carbon treatment, with the Takayama Scorpion to follow. So in this blog we are going to take a closer look i..
Surftech Bear and Takayama Surfboards 2016 New Models
Its been an exciting few weeks for Surftech, with the announcement of new models from Bear Surfboards and Takayama Surfboards being added to the line up of already popular TL Pro Carbon boards.   Before taking a look into the models lets take a closer look at the construction of TL Pro Carbon. Made from a Carbon composite construction combined with Surftech Fused-Cell EPS core.   TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilizes a proprietary stringer system that is custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement is lami..
Surftech and Donald Takayama
There has been some exciting news in the surfboard industry over the weekend Surftech have announced that once again they will be producing Donald Takayama models with Hawaiian Pro Designs boards. There has not been to much information released so far, but we cant wait to see what models they bring out. It looks like the classics we be available as always including the Scorpion and the In The Pink and hopefully in the TL Pro Carbon Technology   As more information gets release we will keep you posted, and we will be having them instore as soon as they arrive and there will b..
New 2015 Surftech Tl Pro Carbon
  With the new release of even more models in the TL Pro Carbon construction from Surftech, we thought we will take a look at into the TL Pro Carbon in some more detail and see what all the hype is about.     For 2015 Surftech have added loads of new and old shapes to their TL Pro Carbon range including the much talked about Channel Islands Al Merrick Biscuit and Average Joe. From Rusty the Yes Thanks has also been added to the ever growing range. Its now not only the short boards that are available in TL Pro Carbon. New for 2015 Surftech have introduced into the..
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