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Lib-Tech Surfboards launch the latest model and its a gooden! The Nude Bowl!
  Lib-Tech Surfboards launch the latest model and its a gooden! The Nude Bowl!     Having taken the surfboard world by storm with their unique construction and Lost Surfboards collaborations, Lib-Tech Surfboards have added to their ever growing board portfolio with the Nude Bowl. Named after the legendary skate pool in Desert Springs, the Lib-Tech Nude Bowl model is aiming to be their all round / do everything board.           ​       The Nude Bowl has been designed by Lib-Tech's in house shape..
Surfe​r Dudes! A World First For Hydrodynamical Toy Engineering
Surfe​r Dudes! A World First For Hydrodynamical Toy EngineeringSurfer Dudes! A world first for hydrodynamical toy engineering – combining the simple entertainment of a boomerang with the power of beach waves with no batteries needed. These are awesome toys and we are excited to be one of the first retailers in the UK to receive these and show them off to the public. After a quick and easy assembly, the Surfer Dudes can be thrown in the beach break from any position and then instantaneously correct their balance, catch a wave and return back to the shore – but not before pulling off a few ..
New Pyzel Surfboards
Pyzel Surfboards The Stubby Bastard and the JJF Slab 2.0Here at Zuma Jay we have just had a fresh batch of the latest boards from Pyzel Surfboards The Stubby Bastard and the JJF Slab 2.0 We are stoked to get are hands on this so we thought we would give you a little bit more information on these boards.STUBBY BASTARDThe Stubby Bastard provides you with the best of both worlds, an ultra high-performance shortboard and a stubby step-down that is a great addition to any quiver.Pyzel have taken JJF's favorite high-performance shortboard, The Bastard, and squashed it down into a fun, fast, super sk..
New Surftech and Takayama Surfboard for 2017
Surftech and Takayama SurfboardsIt's that time of year again, new stock is arriving daily for the new season and many new boards are on their way to us. We're getting prepared for their arrival, brushing up on the new technology and studying the new shapes. Surftech's new 2017 range certainly has not disappointed. In this post we are going to take a look at the new Takayama surfboards that will be arriving with us at the end of March, We cannot wait to get our hands on them.About Donald TakayamaDonald Takayama's legacy has been cemented since his passing, thanks to the ongoing winning com..
Channel Islands Surfboards Flexbar Technology
FlexBar Technology     This week we had the chance to have a first look at the exciting new technology from Channel Islands, the Flexbar. We see many boards here at Zuma Jays and Channel Islands Al Merricks are always something special, but these are impressively different. In laymen’s terms they are essentially a custom epoxy board made in the USA Channel Island Factory, but they then split the blank and and add a composite foam right throughout the middle of the board. It is then sandwiched back together and glassed using Entropy/Super Sap epoxy resin. Out of all of the ep..
Lib Tech and Lost Surfboards
We have had some exciting new this week at Zuma Jay, There has been some new models added to the Lib Tech X Lost surfboard range and we can not wait to get are hands on them in 2017.     The Lib Tech x Lost Round Nose Fish Redux surfboard     Performance hybrid, Rips slop, radical in real waves   With the popularity of all things 'twin fin' the guys at lost surfboards thought it would be fitting to re-vamp there Round Nose Fish adding a little twist.   The Round Nose Fish Redux was born taking a blend of the best bits form there C..
Lost Libtech Surfboards
With hot days and small summer waves on the horizon we are stoked at Zuma Jay to get our hands on the last few remaining Lost Libtech Surfboards.   It's been a battle to keep these summer fun beauties as they have become the must have boards of 2016 but we managed to get a small selection shipped in to us here in the shop. Check them out online or pop in to have a feel.       PUDDLE JUMPER BY …LOST   CON-CAVED, PLANING SURFACE SPEEDER. DOMESTIC BLISS WITH A TWIST “This is the most excited I have ever been about a small wave surfboard.” ~ Ma..
Quads, Twin and Single Fins from Black and White Surfboards
With summer in full swing we have just had a fresh drop of Black and White Surfboards, shaped in Cornwall, by Paul Waters.                                                                                                                                        ..
Fresh in the shop this week at Zuma Jay we have the new Channel Island models by Al Merrick. Including The Black and White, Sampler and the High 5. The team here at Zuma Jay couldn't wait to get there hands on them!     Channel Islands Al Merrick Black and White.                                     Firstly we have the brand new for 2016 Channel Islands Al Merrick Black and White. This board is an all round high performance short board featuring a fairly low entry rocker, it has..
Takayama Surftech 2016 Models
  A couple of months ago we had some very exciting news in the surfboard industry, that Surftech and Takayama Surfboards have teamed up, and will be making some of Donald Takayama's classic models in Surftech's TL Pro Carbon technology.  We could not wait to see what they were going to make. Check out the blog post here for all the information.   It has now been announced that the Takayama In The Pink, DT2 and The Egg will be the first models to get the TL Pro Carbon treatment, with the Takayama Scorpion to follow. So in this blog we are going to take a closer look i..
Surf Travel Essentials
Whilst we love our winter sessions there is nothing quite like getting away to warm water, and sunny shores to recharge the surf stoke batteries. Here at Zuma Jay we not only love getting ready for our own surf trips, but helping customers plan theirs.       We are always being asked what to take on a surf trip, so with this in mind we asked our very own Nigel to give us a run down from his amazing recent trip to Morocco.   In Nigel’s blog we are going to take a look at some of our surf travel essentials, so you too can make the most out of your trip. &..
Surfboard Fin Guide
Here at Zuma Jay we are always trying to make choosing the right kit a little easier, with the help of our advice in the shop and online, Giving you more time in the water.   Over the last week we have been looking at how we can help you by making the surfboard fin buying process a bit simpler, and in turn quicker. Due to there being so many different fins on the market, all doing different jobs, it can be a minefield for the uninformed. So to help we have come up with a category break down system that will narrow it down to your exact fin needs such as, fin set up, fin size, and th..
Surftech Bear and Takayama Surfboards 2016 New Models
Its been an exciting few weeks for Surftech, with the announcement of new models from Bear Surfboards and Takayama Surfboards being added to the line up of already popular TL Pro Carbon boards.   Before taking a look into the models lets take a closer look at the construction of TL Pro Carbon. Made from a Carbon composite construction combined with Surftech Fused-Cell EPS core.   TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilizes a proprietary stringer system that is custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement is lami..
Surftech and Donald Takayama
There has been some exciting news in the surfboard industry over the weekend Surftech have announced that once again they will be producing Donald Takayama models with Hawaiian Pro Designs boards. There has not been to much information released so far, but we cant wait to see what models they bring out. It looks like the classics we be available as always including the Scorpion and the In The Pink and hopefully in the TL Pro Carbon Technology   As more information gets release we will keep you posted, and we will be having them instore as soon as they arrive and there will b..
Summer Surfing
Summer Surfing with the Zuma Jay Serpent Surfboard     With summer in full swing. We have been making great use out of our shop demo Serpents and found this board is great for those summer waves. The Serpent is our nod to popular Takayama Scorpion, and we found that this board really performs in solid and small waves. The pin tail allows this board to be really tight in turns and it absolutely flys when ridden towards nose. We have found this model is an excellent alternative for some one looking for a “shorter longboard” and to have a real ..
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