How to Prone Paddleboard Part 2:
Getting Started with Jack Bark . ..
How to Prone Paddleboard: Part 1
The Basics with Jack Bark . ..
Quads, Twin and Single Fins from Black and White Surfboards
With summer in full swing we have just had a fresh drop of Black and White Surfboards, shaped in Cornwall, by Paul Waters.                                                                                                                                        ..
Fresh in the shop this week at Zuma Jay we have the new Channel Island models by Al Merrick. Including The Black and White, Sampler and the High 5. The team here at Zuma Jay couldn't wait to get there hands on them!     Channel Islands Al Merrick Black and White.                                     Firstly we have the brand new for 2016 Channel Islands Al Merrick Black and White. This board is an all round high performance short board featuring a fairly low entry rocker, it has..
2016 Summer C-skins Wetsuits
The New 2016 Summer wetsuits from C-skins arrive and we cant wait to try them out!     Its been a busy week here at Zuma Jay not only have we had the delivery of all the new Spring Summer Collection from Protest Board wear. We have also had the 2016 Summer wetsuits from C-skins arrive    Here is a sneak peek of some of the suits that have arrived     The Wired (Team Colours)   All new for 2016 the wired comes with drykint lining on the chest, back and upper leg creating a warmer lighter and higher performance wetsuit with th..
Takayama Surftech 2016 Models
  A couple of months ago we had some very exciting news in the surfboard industry, that Surftech and Takayama Surfboards have teamed up, and will be making some of Donald Takayama's classic models in Surftech's TL Pro Carbon technology.  We could not wait to see what they were going to make. Check out the blog post here for all the information.   It has now been announced that the Takayama In The Pink, DT2 and The Egg will be the first models to get the TL Pro Carbon treatment, with the Takayama Scorpion to follow. So in this blog we are going to take a closer look i..
Surf Travel Essentials
Whilst we love our winter sessions there is nothing quite like getting away to warm water, and sunny shores to recharge the surf stoke batteries. Here at Zuma Jay we not only love getting ready for our own surf trips, but helping customers plan theirs.       We are always being asked what to take on a surf trip, so with this in mind we asked our very own Nigel to give us a run down from his amazing recent trip to Morocco.   In Nigel’s blog we are going to take a look at some of our surf travel essentials, so you too can make the most out of your trip. &..
Surfboard Fin Guide
Here at Zuma Jay we are always trying to make choosing the right kit a little easier, with the help of our advice in the shop and online, Giving you more time in the water.   Over the last week we have been looking at how we can help you by making the surfboard fin buying process a bit simpler, and in turn quicker. Due to there being so many different fins on the market, all doing different jobs, it can be a minefield for the uninformed. So to help we have come up with a category break down system that will narrow it down to your exact fin needs such as, fin set up, fin size, and th..
Surftech Bear and Takayama Surfboards 2016 New Models
Its been an exciting few weeks for Surftech, with the announcement of new models from Bear Surfboards and Takayama Surfboards being added to the line up of already popular TL Pro Carbon boards.   Before taking a look into the models lets take a closer look at the construction of TL Pro Carbon. Made from a Carbon composite construction combined with Surftech Fused-Cell EPS core.   TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) utilizes a proprietary stringer system that is custom built to each individual board. Strategically positioned carbon reinforcement is lami..
The Event Jacket and Pro Max by Robies.
Here at Zuma Jay we are super excited as we have had two new products from Robies just drop into the shop. Their NEW Event Jacket and Hooded change towel the Pro Max           The Event Jacket is new from Robies     When its chilly on the beach, stay warm as toast with this jacket. With a minimum of 90% duck down fill panels this three quarter length jacket is ideal for keep you warm pre and post surf.     It features a 100 percent polar fleece, synthetic lambs wool hood/pocket l..
Miss Reef Calendar 2016
    The new Miss Reef Calendar has just arrived in store, for this year's Miss Reef calendar, the young nomadic photographer Kate Bellm was unleashed into the jungles of Costa Allegre for her wanderlust interpretation of Just Passing Through     Bellm was born in the UK and got her establishment in Berlin. She's now working in Majorca, and shooting every corner of the world from the gritty to the glamorous. She took an edgy perspective but retained the mystery of Miss Reef. The final result was twelve months worth of youth culture-driven pop art of Miss Reef..
Zuma Jay Travel Board Bag Guide
      Its that time of year to start thinking about surf trips to warmer climates, Here is our guide to a few of the brands we stock and some of their travel surfboard bags.                                                  Ocean and Earth Ocean and Earth have been creating useful and functional products for surfers since 1979 including Surfing Hardware like the ONE Piece Surf Leash, Boardcovers, Coffin Covers, Tail Pads & Deck..
Protest Boardwear's Men's New 2015 Winter range
It's that time of year again, the dark nights are drawing in and there is a nip to the morning air. Not to worry, as not only have we got you covered in the water with our new C-Skins and Xcel winter wetsuit range, we have also got you covered out of the water, with a fresh new 'aprés-surf' winter range from Dutch brand Protest Boardwear, who cater to board riders from beach to peak, they may come from one of the flattest counties on earth, Holland, home to five hills and fourteen waves, but they've got surf style down. We could not wait to try on the new range here at the shop, s..
Surftech and Donald Takayama
There has been some exciting news in the surfboard industry over the weekend Surftech have announced that once again they will be producing Donald Takayama models with Hawaiian Pro Designs boards. There has not been to much information released so far, but we cant wait to see what models they bring out. It looks like the classics we be available as always including the Scorpion and the In The Pink and hopefully in the TL Pro Carbon Technology   As more information gets release we will keep you posted, and we will be having them instore as soon as they arrive and there will b..
Xcel Infiniti Celliant Comp 2015
Now in-store the Xcel Infiniti Celliant Comp Next we are going to take a closer look at the Xcel Infiniti Celliant Comp winter wetsuit. This  Xcels suit is available in a hooded and non-hooded version                             The ultra-popular Infiniti Comp is now available with TDC Thermo Dry Celliant, Xcel warmest wetsuit lining ever. TDC's clinically proven Smart Fiber Technology recycles your body heat into infrared energy for maximum warmth and enhance..
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