Takayama Surftech 2016 Models

Takayama Surftech 2016 Models


A couple of months ago we had some very exciting news in the surfboard industry, that Surftech and Takayama Surfboards have teamed up, and will be making some of Donald Takayama's classic models in Surftech's TL Pro Carbon technology. 

We could not wait to see what they were going to make. Check out the blog post here for all the information.


It has now been announced that the Takayama In The Pink, DT2 and The Egg will be the first models to get the TL Pro Carbon treatment, with the Takayama Scorpion to follow. So in this blog we are going to take a closer look into these models, to show you why we cant wait to surf them, and you shouldn't either!





Takayama In The Pink Longboard


The In The Pink is Takayama's ultimate high performance noserider. It is a much loved, and sought after Donald Takayama model. Thanks to it's surf capabilities in anything from one foot slop, to over head waves. Takayama and Surftech say 'the In The Pink is the one long board you must own' and we agree. Its perfect for the surfer looking to own one dynamic longboard. The In The Pink will have you loving surfing again if you've been out of the water for a while, and will help fine tune your longboard style.





Takayama DT2 'All Rounder'


The DT2 does what it says on the tin, it's a great 'All Rounder' in the Donald Takayama model range. This board had been designed with more focus on riding on the nose than the DT1. A fantastic board especially designed for nose riding, trimming, and smooth turns, but still having great manoeuvrability for slightly bigger days. This board could easily be a one board quiver. The Takayama DT2 works in ankle high to over head.





Takayama Egg


The Takayama Egg by Hawaiian Pro Designs is the perfect solution if you are not looking for a full on performance shortboard, but want the manoeuvrability you get from a board like that. The 'eggy' shape of the board allows the rider to trim high on the wave or race down the line. A great all round board.



Takayama Scorpion

The ultimate mini noserider! Surf the Scorpion from the nose, or turn it on a dime from the tail. One of the fastest (and most fun) mid-length boards on the water, thanks in part to the quad+1 fin set-up. We cant wait to try it out in the new TL pro carbon.



The Man himself, Donald Takayama


Donald Takayama's legacy is so reputable and respected due to his passion and love for the sport. He spent 55 years surfing, designing, manufacturing and fine tuning his models with the help of some of the best surfers and waves going. This legacy has made his boards some of the most sought after in the surfing world. Donald Takayama will always be recognised for his progressive designs that perfectly combined high performance with traditional aspects.


'Surftech and Donald Takayama worked together for over 20 years before his passing. The relationship was built on trust and a commitment to produce a quality product that would compliment the designs he so passionately created. It is an honour for Surftech to perpetuate Donald’s legacy by continuing to build the most iconic and proven designs.' (www.surftech.com)



For more information please keep an eye on the website over the next few weeks. We will let you know when they are available in the UK.


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