Quads, Twin and Single Fins from Black and White Surfboards

Quads, Twin and Single Fins from Black and White Surfboards

With summer in full swing we have just had a fresh drop of Black and White Surfboards, shaped in Cornwall, by Paul Waters.



Black and White Surfboards specialises in Fishes, Quad's, Mid length and Longboards, and we have a great selection here in the shop. They're great summer boards, capable in all conditions.


Keel Fin Fish

Firstly you can't mention summer fun boards without mentioning the Twin fin. Black and White surfboards take the original concept of a twin fin, but with a few modern tweaks. This board generates incredible speed, and their twin keel fins give the board a loose and skatey feel. Making this board a go to for summer swell.

Gideon Egg

The Gideon Egg was originally designed for Polzeath Longboard stylist Gideon Ashworth, since then it has been one of Black and White's most popular boards. The board is loose and smooth, with enough width to keep it stable. All in all a fun and reliable all-rounder for beginners to experts. It's also a nice step down board for longboarders who want a short board in their quiver.


The Single Fin

This traditional template offers the feel of the past, but with the advantages of softer nose rails, and hard tail edges. A great board for some summer cruising.


Speed Dialler

A favourite among us here at Zuma Jay. Despite its retro looks this board is anything but, The Black and White Quad design is a fish style template fitted with a quad fin set-up. The template makes this board as fast as the twin fin, but with the positive feel of a thruster. The quad fin set-up allows for fast, responsive surfing, that performs best when in the pocket at speed. It will take your wave count, and fun level through the roof.



Volan Classic Triple Longboard

Longboard's don't get more beautiful than this, with full gloss and polish, triple stringer and wooden tail block, this model is our top of the range longboard with stunning full volan cloth, and cut lap lines. The board features 50/50 rails with a rolled bottom, and a slight nose concave. 




If you're near Bude pop in and check out our full range of Black and White Surfboards in the shop. We do have some demo models available, take them for a spin.


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