Surfe​r Dudes! A World First For Hydrodynamical Toy Engineering

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Surfe​r Dudes! A World First For Hydrodynamical Toy Engineering




Surfer Dudes! A world first for hydrodynamical toy engineering – combining the simple entertainment of a boomerang with the power of beach waves with no batteries needed. These are awesome toys and we are excited to be one of the first retailers in the UK to receive these and show them off to the public. After a quick and easy assembly, the Surfer Dudes can be thrown in the beach break from any position and then instantaneously correct their balance, catch a wave and return back to the shore – but not before pulling off a few killer moves down the line on the way in...





There are six Surferdudes to choose from: “Aussie” Alice, “Bali” Bobbi, “Costa Rica” Rick, “Donegan” Doolin, “Hossegor” Hank and “Sumatra” Sam. Not only do they feature their own vibrant styles, they also have their own personalities and moves; Rick's favourite trick is the El Rodeo Flip, while Alice's surfing fuel is shrimp from the barbie. Start off with your favourite and maybe even build up a collection. Race them with friends and see who's Surfer Dude kicks off the best trick.







The unsinkable board itself is made from the unbreakable polyethylene core, the same used in all of our body boards, making them a toy for life: no polystyrene = no landfill. Surfer Dude's aren't just for the beach, they can accompany you anywhere for a swim, including pools and even replacing the bath rubber duck. Kids (and adults) will have endless fun on the beach and it beats sun bathing for sure.







Choose and purchases your Dude here!




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